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The Daily Grind: Do you really want MMO innovation?

Jef Reahard

Sony Online Entertainment's new SOEmote feature debuted in EverQuest II last week, and you could almost hear the yawns from the game's core community. While our own Karen Bryan was willing to give the feature an objective go, most of the EQII vets I know have been disinterested at best and downright hostile due to the "wasted development time" at worst.

SOEmote's mixed reception was both predictable and irritating, as it often seems to me like MMO gamers cry for innovation out of one side of their mouths and decry it from the other side on those rare occasions when it happens.

Granted, SOEmote isn't a combat- or endgame-focused innovation, but isn't that the point? Shouldn't MMO devs be spreading their creative wings and giving us new things to do that aren't the same old hotbar-spamming gear grind? So how about it, morning crew -- do you just want more progression, or do you really want MMO innovation (and if so, what kind)?

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