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Firefall scoops up dozens of former BioWare and 38 Studios devs

MJ Guthrie

While some other studios are laying off and downsizing, Red 5 is bucking the trend by recruiting top talent to add to the team working on Firefall. The free-to-play MMOFPS has updated with a massive summer patch that overhauls combat, removes traditional levels, and adds new crafting functionality.

BioWare's and 38 Studios' loss is Red 5's gain; the staff has jumped from 60 to over 100 as recruiters snatch up talent the other companies let go. Although a deluge of layoffs is bad for the gaming industry as a whole, lead class designer Dave Williams said, "The timing of 38 Studios and Star Wars dumping all their staff at the same time is really good for us. We've found some incredibly talented people who are really happy. It's allowed us to build up the team quickly."

Players wishing to participate in Firefall's beta and experience the game can sign up via the official site.

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