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New fan videos detail racial armor in Guild Wars 2 [Updated]

MJ Guthrie

One of Massively's own livestreamers has put together four videos highlighting the racial armors of the Sylvari, Norn, Asura, Humans, and Charr in Guild Wars 2. Richie Procopio, aka Bog Otter, offers fans not only a look at the appearance of the cultural armor sets but also exact details on where to obtain the armor, how much it will cost, and what level you'll need to be to wear it. Richie even gives players the scoop on how to get the appearance of the sets before attaining the appropriate level to wear them.

Each race has multiple sets of armor, and the pieces can be dyed different colors. Watch as Richie models all the individual pieces (and offers amusing commentary on things such as the brussel sprout and pine cone helms) in the four videos after the cut. Also be sure to watch more of Richie during his Massively livestreams each week!

[Update: Richie has added the Charr race to the collection of racial armor set video previews. Check it out below!]

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