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Anomaly Korea sequel and Marvel's mobile game get teasers


Here are two new trailers for your Sunday. First up, we have a teaser trailer from the upcoming Anomaly Korea, the sequel to the very popular Anomaly: Warzone Earth. The new game will have more of the old one, including new units, new powerups, and more. The trailer looks great -- I think that's CG, though it des have an excellent handpainted look. The game should be out in late October or early November, according to 11bit Studios.

And second, Marvel has been teasing a big mobile game announcement ever since Comic-Con, and it has now released a teaser trailer for that same project. It seems a little weird to me to be posting a full teaser video for what's supposed to be an "unannounced" game, but there you go. I'm sure we'll see more on this soon -- a little Black Widow tells me that by next Thursday we'll know more. If I had to guess, I'd say it's probably something related to Marvel's very popular Avengers Alliance social game on Facebook. Meanwhile, enjoy the video below.

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