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Bringing Mutant Mudds to PCs and into 'CGA-Land'


Renegade Kid's Mutant Mudds, the pixelated action game first released on 3DS – and a much more difficult game than its kid hero and water gun weaponry would suggest – is headed to PC on August 30. A trailer released alongside that announcement hinted at new levels, whose look recalls CGA computer graphics, joining the Game Boy and Virtual Boy-style bonus levels found in the 3DS game.

Renegade Kid director Jools Watsham wanted the new content to be "special," he told Joystiq. "When the thought of doing the classic PC look of the 80's crossed my mind, it was the obvious choice to go with." These new levels require the skills of unlockable character Grannie, who is only available after the completion of the main game.

"To incorporate these special Grannie levels into the game, I revisited the first 20 regular levels and hid a special 'CGA-Land' door inside each of them. To ensure only Grannie can access these levels, each door requires the use of Grannie's combined power-ups to reach it."

In addition to these 20 new levels, Renegade Kid has "a few other goodies" on the way, which will be revealed soon.

Of course, the excitement of seeing the game on a new platform has been overshadowed somewhat by one weird detail of its PC release: it was rejected by Steam. "We submitted the game through the submission page, and later we received an email saying it was not suitable for Steam distribution," Watsham told us. "We will be pursuing Greenlight for sure. We would love to have Mutant Mudds on Steam too so that audience can have a chance to enjoy the game."

Even without Steam, it won't be hard to find the game. On launch day, it will be available from GOG, Gamersgate, and Desura, as well as Renegade Kid's online shop. "We were graciously approached by GOG and Gamersgate after the Steam news," Watsham said. "Both have been awesome and easy to work with. I contacted Desura, and they've also been very easy to work with. It is quite a contrast to our experience with console development. I must say that I really like the freedom to launch what we want, when we want, for how much we want."

Though he lauds the added freedom of the PC market, Watsham doesn't seem to have any complaints about the 3DS eShop. "Working with the eShop team is great - so much so, in fact, that we added them to the 'special thanks' credits in the eShop version," he said. "They really are a pleasure to work with. I must send a shout out to Dan Adelman and Scott Cardenas - they were both extremely helpful with the launch of Mutant Mudds on eShop. Super cool guys, too." They were cool enough to put the game up, at the very least.

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