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Chasing chickens for the Tillers


I'm a solitary person outside of raid nights, so I do end up loving all the archaeology, fishing, and cooking. I like providing feast materials for my guild, and I wrote a blog post before I joined WoW Insider about the pools one could fish for the guild achievement while still being buff-food productive.

So it's no wonder I'm really psyched about farming. My own personal farm, where no one can reap from the same planting as I can? Yes, please!

The farming faction is the Tillers, who are based at both Halfhill Market and the Heartland in Valley of the Four Winds. But farming isn't all they do. The Tillers are involved in the expanded cooking, and they offer dailies that reward valor points as well as the Pandaria-based cooking tokens.

One of the many NPCs you can gain personal reputation with, Old Hillpaw, has a chicken farm. So naturally, one of the dailies he offers is Chasing the Chicken. This isn't your ordinary daily of kill X hozen and steal back Y vegetables. Old Hillpaw has tasked you with finding his prize chicken.

Whether you got the quest at Halfhill Market or at the farm, head to Old Hillpaw's farm southwest of the heart of the Heartland. On the ground, there will be plenty of sparkling chickens wandering around. Right-click on a chicken with the gear icon, and you'll pick up a chicken.

Chasing chickens for the Tillers ANY
Yellow text will spread across the middle of your screen telling you what you found. Finding Old Hillpaw's prized chicken will complete the quest, but there are two other chicken combinations to find and deal with. Each uses the Extra Action Button to resolve their find. In my screenshot above, that's the big chicken icon with the placeholder PHes next to it.

There's the Amorous Rooster, who needs to be dunked in water, even the shallow waters nearby. There's also the Lost Hen, who simply needs to be walked over to one of the many chicken coops and returned.

I hope they do more with the Amorous Rooster. If he can't be in another quest, I'd at least love a non-combat pet.

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