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Frank Zappa music catalog now available on iTunes, could be coming soon to Spotify and Rdio


Freak out (!), because another music legend's starting to bite the iTunes pie. With the well-documented Beatles-on-iTunes saga well behind us, it's time for the late Frank Zappa to become one of the most recent artists to join Cupertino's media repertoire. This means that there's now over 50 of Zappa's albums up for your downloading / listening pleasure inside Apple's renowned application -- some of which have been remastered, and include the likes of Absolutely Free, Uncle Meat, Hot Rats, Burnt Weeny Sandwich and, not surprisingly, the best-selling Sheik Yerbouti. That's not it, however, according to Digital Music News, Frank Zappa's full set of jams could also be headed to streaming services (such as Rdio and Spotify) sometime around October of this year -- though, at this point, nothing's been set in stone just yet. Either way, the good news is you can find the hefty catalog on iTunes as we speak, all you've got to do's give the source link below a quick tap.

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