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Get a sneak peek at Guild Wars 2's Twilight Arbor dungeon

You've got only a few more days to wait 'til you're playing Guild Wars 2 for keeps, but if the wait is just too much to handle, maybe this new video of the beginning of the Twilight Arbor dungeon will help. With the gracious company of members of ArenaNet's QA team, PC Gamer took a spin through the level 50 dungeon and released the first 12 minutes of the experience.

Twilight Arbor takes place in the Tarnished Coast and revolves around a struggle against the Nightmare Court. Each boss in the dungeon's story mode is built around an emotion: The horror knight Graingor focuses on fear attacks, while the knights of envy and remorse use different tactics to punish their foes. The dungeon is rife with traps, puzzles, and potential random events. Skip below the cut to catch a glimpse of what's in store for your character! Be warned that there may be spoilers.

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