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Apple reported to be preparing direct sales in Russia, wanting more Macs for Moscow


Despite Russia's size, Apple has always had to sell in the country through carriers and resellers -- a pain for customers who might have to wait weeks beyond the initial launch of a device to see it in stores. If we're to believe tips from distributor insiders speaking with Kommersant, Apple wants at least some kind of first-party presence in the country. The company has supposedly set up a majority-owned local branch, Apple Rus, to run an operation that would start direct sales as soon as 2013. As for official retail stores, we simply don't know. Apple executives were reported as disappointed in available locations following a trip to Moscow in 2011, but there's been no chatter since. Apple certainly hasn't commented on the subject. We do know that iOS- and Mac-loving Russians in at least major cities will be happy if Apple establishes a more official presence, even if it still leaves us mourning the lost opportunity for an obvious Snow Leopard tie-in.

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