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Diggs Nightcrawler solves the mystery of a great fall


Adam Volker from developer Moonbot spoke to the European PlayStation Blog about the new Wonderbook game Diggs Nightcrawler, revealing that while the concept is in place, the gameplay isn't quite yet.

Humpty Dumpty is murdered, Volker explained. "And you know his story – someone pushed him off the wall, someone bumped him off – and the cops think it's Diggs. So when you start the game he's framed for the murder of his old buddy. The story unfolds from there, with you attempting to clear Diggs' name and find out who actually committed the crime."

That's the setup for the game. "Because Wonderbook is new, we're still figuring out a lot of specifics about what the gameplay is," he added. The characters will be self-aware, and gameplay will involved physically manipulating the book peripheral a lot. Diggs will even tell you to "turn the page" or otherwise move through the book, allowing today's children to have an experience of the read-along books and audio cassettes we grew up with.

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