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Resident Evil 6's will allow players to track their stats and gameplay details via a free, personalized website, which will look a lot like the visualizations shown in the above video. As the perky, excitable narrator tells us, will have real-time updates so you can stalk your friends as they play, without giving away your position by logging in to the actual game.

Many of the notifications, such as someone beating your /mercenaries high score, will pop up in-game as well. will feature exclusive unlockables linked to gameplay and will host regular online events. Capcom is working on a mobile app as well, ensuring you'll never be able to get away from Resident Evil 6. Ever.

Participating in tournaments and accessing content on will award participants "RE points," which can be used to buy content such as Mercenaries costumes and virtual figurines. will go live on October 20, alongside the game's launch on Xbox 360 and PS3.

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Last week Capcom announced Resident Evil.Net, the free online service that will enhance the Resident Evil 6 experience for players across the globe and today sees the official release of a video showcasing all of this service's features:
· Comprehensive stat tracking
o Enemies killed
o Weapons used
o Medals earned
o And more
· Compare your game with those of friends and other Resident Evil 6 players around the world
· Link your status with Twitter & Facebook
o Share your latest achievements with friends
o Receive alerts when your high score has been beaten
· Free Smartphone App to launch alongside the service
o Will support iOS, Android and Windows devices
· Earn RE.Net points just by connecting to the service or entering events
o Exchange points for cool items including additional Mercenaries costumes or figures to place in your very own Resident Evil diorama
· Compete in regular organised events such as:
o Join fellow gamers to defeat a set number of enemies
o Aim for a high score in Mercenaries Mode
· Champion Belt events
o Compete in these special events to win the ultimate accolade, the Champion's Belt
o Can only be held by one player at any time
o Players will need to defend their title or watch it fall to another player

The free Resident Evil.Net service will be available when Resident Evil 6 launches on October 2 – a date which is now 100% confirmed as the title has passed the gold master stage of development for X630 and PS3, and manufacture of this latest instalment in the multi-million selling series has begun. A PC release will follow soon.

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