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TERA launches The Argon Queen patch, complete with events

Eliot Lefebvre

Are you ready to face new challenges in TERA? Challenges like the new battlegrounds, new raids, and new max-level dungeons? Then you'll be happy to know that the game's latest patch, titled The Argon Queen, has brought all of these to the table. Players can now queue for instanced PvP at the level cap, square off against dangerous foes in raid groups, and test their mettle against three new top-tier instances. This coincides nicely with the addition of new tanking skills and mechanics for Warriors and Lancers.

Of course, players will need to be in full fighting trim to face off against the eponymous Argon Queen, and that means everyone needs to be up to the level cap. To facilitate this, all characters will be receiving special buff items via item claim to increase experience earned and damage dealt for an hour. These rewards will go out once per day until the Argon Queen arrives on the scene. Instance drop rates are also improved for random group matchups, encouraging players to get out and gear up... you know, if the trailer for the update just past the cut didn't get you in that mood anyway.

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