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Blizzard lists external resources for WoW players

Matthew Rossi

If you're just getting back into WoW or are looking at the patch 5.0.4 tsunami heading our way next week and wondering what to do, our friend Zarhym has a list of popular resources, fansites and other websites for you to peruse. None of these are run by Blizzard, but they are all sites that focus on the World of Warcraft in one way or another, be they databases like Wowhead or helpful strategy guide sites like Learn to Raid.

If you're looking for a site, the complete list is below so you can see if it matches your needs. I especially like that WoW Insider site. They're so dreamy.

Zarhym - World of Warcraft Fansites & Other Resources
For those of you seeking to enhance your World of Warcraft experience, connect with your peers; quickly search vast quest, item, and achievement databases; and much more, we've put together a list below of popular external resources operated by your fellow members of the community. These are quality content-driven sites that we feel are very beneficial to you as a player.

Keep in mind that these websites are not owned or operated by Blizzard Entertainment, and we don't control or endorse all information found on them. This list is also not exhaustive. We'll be expanding on this list as necessary over time to provide you with the best, most up-to-date community resources.

/r/WoW - official reddit community
Arena Junkies - PvP gameplay & strategy
BlizzPlanet - news; editorial
Curse - news; UI addon database
GuildOx - guild ranks & stats
How to Priest - priest gameplay & strategy
Learn to Raid - news; strategy
MMO Champion - news; database
TankSpot - news; strategy
Ten Ton Hammer - news; editorial
WarCraft Pets - pets & companions database
Wow Achievements - achievements database & ranks
WoW insider - news; editorial
WoW Interface - UI addon database
Wowhead - news; database
Wowpedia - wiki database

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