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Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning story to continue in a 'new direction'


On September 1, during a Final Fantasy anniversary event in Tokyo, Square Enix will present some kind of "new information about the direction of Lightning's story." The Final Fantasy XIII protagonist was last seen in XIII-2 DLC "Requiem of the Goddess," which at the time acted as a conclusion to her saga.

The new Lightning material is currently in the care of "Key members of the FINAL FANTASY XIII development team including the Producer, Director and Art Director."

Final Fantasy XIII was originally announced as a multi-part "Fabula Nova Crystallis" universe, consisting of FFXIII, FF Versus XIII (which we're still waiting for) and Final Fantasy Agito XIII – which was renamed Final Fantasy Type-0 and released last year on PSP in Japan. Though the Fabula Nova Crystallis thing hasn't quite panned out, Square isn't letting that get in the way of expanding the Final Fantasy XIII series.

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