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McMillen's Basement Collection launches August 31 on Steam


Edmund McMillen, best known as one half of Team Meat, has announced a release date of August 31 for The Basement Collection. The bundle is an odyssey through his creative past, which will feature updated versions of eight of his previously released yet less recognizable games. The time-travelling portal of choice will be Steam, on which the compendium will be released for both PC and Mac for $4.

Already announced as inclusions are Time Fcuk, Spewer, Grey Matter, Triachnid, Coil, and the less super (but more original) Meat Boy. There are also two unannounced games, one of which will receive a considerable update in the form of "new music, graphics and gameplay." McMillen's website offers an overview of the updates for each game, as well as the announced extras, which include 15 minutes of unseen stock footage from Indie Game: The Movie.

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