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DARPA to hold one-day cyberwarfare workshop, attendance not mandatory


Oh, the fruits of the global village are many: connecting strangers with fetishes, fostering culture through memes and engendering cyber attacks via remote since the late 20th century. It's the advanced decomposition of that latter rotten apple, however, that has DARPA -- the government's far-out research arm -- taking a proactive stance and casting an agency-wide intelligence net to shore up on future defense protocol. To do this, the DoD offshoot's holding a one-time workshop next month, dubbed Plan X Proposers' Day, with the aim of bringing personnel together to brainstorm and implement infrastructure specifically centered around cyberwarfare analysis and research. One area the project, which just received $110 million in funding, will specifically avoid is the creation of actual cyberweapons. So, yeah, while this effort's less Goldeneye and more of a strategic think tank initiative, it still warms the heart to know our nation's best, brightest and most secretive are hard at work protecting our digital butts.

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