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Planetary Annihilation Kickstarter nears goal, reveals stretch goals


Having nearly reached its $900,000 goal on Kickstarter (over $660,000 as of this writing), Uber Entertainment has announced the first stretch goal rewards for Planetary Annihiliation. Should the project hit $1.1 million, the planet-hopping RTS will receive water planets and naval units. This is one of the most request features, according to Uber, and if the goal is reached, players can expect water-only planets, ice asteroids and several units including "subs, amphibious units, floating buildings and of course battleships."

If Planetary Annihilation amasses $1.3 million, Uber will add gas giants and new orbital units to the mix. Said units will likely include "a more expanded set of orbital recon units, space platforms" and others based on community feedback.

In addition to the stretch goals, Uber has announced several "add-ons" for the existing reward tiers, including extra copies of the finished game, extra beta keys and extra T-shirts. Three more stretch goals are in the works, though they remain "locked" at the moment. We're holding out hope that one of them is reserved for Jell-O planets.

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