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Square Enix requests retailers remove current Final Fantasy 14 [update]


Square Enix won't acknowledge a retail "field destroy" has been ordered for Final Fantasy XIV. Yesterday, a NeoGaf user posted a document alleging the publisher had requested retailers to destroy all remaining inventory of the MMO. Square Enix is currently preparing a full reboot of the game entitled A Realm Reborn.

"We haven't announced pricing and launch time for the title yet," a Square Enix rep told us when asked about the company clearing inventory. "However, we have publicly stated that beta will begin at the end of this year."

Sooo, no comment? Final Fantasy XIV's A Realm Reborn is expected later this year for PC and PlayStation 3, and is said to be scalable for next-gen platforms.

Update: Square Enix has clarified its previous statement: "In anticipation of the upcoming Alpha and Beta tests for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Square Enix, in coordination with our retail partners, has decided to discontinue sales of the current version of Final Fantasy XIV. This move was done to help ensure that new customers who register their copy of Final Fantasy XIV will have full access to the 30-day free trial period prior the servers shutting down to prepare for the Alpha and Beta tests of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn."

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