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Apple expected to file for an injunction, while Samsung says it will appeal


Now that the verdict has been handed down in the Apple/Samsung patent trial, Apple has filed a motion for a preliminary injunction against Samsung's infringing devices, according to Engadget. Apple is expected to claim that the continued sales of these devices will cause irreparable harm to the Cupertino company and ask the court to ban their sale in the US.

Apple has until August 29 to formally file its proposal, and Samsung has until September 12 to respond. Both parties will return to the court on September 20 for a formal hearing to discuss the injunction.

While Apple is busy preparing its injunction request, Samsung will be seeking to reverse this decision. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Samsung confirmed it will file post-verdict motions to overturn this decision. If these legal maneuvers fail, then the Korean company will file an appeal.

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