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Play Borderlands 2 at the Joystiq, 2K Games and Amazon PAX Prime party


Heading up to Seattle, Washington for PAX Prime next week? Well, your pals at Joystiq – along with Gearbox Software, 2K Games and Amazon – have a party on Thursday night that we'd love for you to attend. You like being invited to party-type things, yes?

On Thursday, August 30, from 7pm until 11pm, 2K Games and Amazon are taking over the PNK Ultra Lounge. PNK is located on the 4th level of the Pacific Place Shopping Center at 600 Pine street – here's a map – in downtown Seattle.

There will be demo stations for Borderlands 2 set up at the event, and in-between furious bouts of loot farming you'll be able to chat with a few Handsome Jacks (or a Mike) from Joystiq and Gearbox. If you're old enough you can also enjoy the open bar, which goes on until 9pm. We'll see you there!

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