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RuneScape behind-the-scenes video rebuilds Al-Kharid

MJ Guthrie

Although players won't find bright orange construction cones littering the streets of Al-Kharid in RuneScape, developers are busy rebuilding the desert city. And lest you think "under construction" is just a euphemism for workers standing around, leaning on their shovels while enjoying some coffee, Jagex has released a behind-the-scenes video showing off the work in progress.

In the video, the developers discuss how the rebuilding will bring the city to life; they want to portray a dynamic city with an undercurrent of menace. When the new and improved Al-Kharid goes live, players will find a larger population, a wider variety of character models, more cinematic elements, and a new questline to take advantage of all the changes.

For a peek at some of the new character models and more, watch the video after the cut.

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