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The Instacube displays your Instagram pictures with class


Usually, I'm a little leery of not-yet-funded Kickstarter projects like this, but what the heck, it's Friday, and the Instacube seems pretty awesome. It's just a few thousand dollars away from being funded anyway, so the odds are pretty good that if you order one, you'll get it without a problem.

And yes, it's a digital photo frame, designed especially to grab your great photography work on Instagram. You get to see the photos taken at full resolution, and the unit, once hooked up to your wifi, will even connect up to a few different Instagram feeds, so you can follow more than one set of pictures. Plus, the whole thing is encased in a pretty snazzy Instagram-inspired casing.

Unfortunately, the $99 intro price is sold out, but you can still grab one for $149 (and the whole thing runs on Android, so there could be extra functionality later, too). Seems like a great way to show that growing collection of classic Instagram photos off in person.

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