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Adventure Time creator loves games, you guys, and started this Tumblr


Pendleton Ward, the beard behind the cult-cute cartoon series Adventure Time, loves games. He says so right on his new Tumblr called "I Love Games You Guys," which is where Ward plans to "interview people who work on games."

Apparently it's also where he plans to post adorable video game gifs, starting with Mario. Ward is gearing up for his first interview with Charles Martinet, who has provided the voice of Mario since 1994. I Love Games You Guys is a community effort, with Ward asking readers if they can help him snag contacts or make connections with interviewees in the industry.

Considering there's an Adventure Time game on its way, maybe Ward should interview himself. If you have a helpful connection or just want to watch Mario stick a plunger on his face for a few hours, check out Ward's Tumblr right here.

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