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Apple/Samsung jury foreman cites tech experience in quick verdict


Now that a decision has been made in the patent trial between Apple and Samsung, the jury is free to speak to the press about the proceedings. Juror Manuel Ilagan spoke to CNET and told reporter Greg Sandoval that the jurors decided Samsung had infringed after only one day of deliberations. Ilagan pointed to the email exchanges among Samsung execs and Samsung's video testimony that convinced him the Korean company had copied Apple. Once the infringement issue had been decided, the rest of the decision-making process was easy.

Jury foreman Velvin Hogan spoke to Reuters and echoed similar sentiments. Hogan told Reuters it was the video testimony that made it clear Samsung's infringement was intentional. After determining that Apple's patents were valid, the jury began evaluating each Samsung device and found that all infringed on at least one Apple patent. The jury award Apple US$1.05 billion in damages, an amount that could be tripled because the infringement was willful.

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