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Guild Wars 2 crafter reaches level 80 first [Updated]

MJ Guthrie

Although folks talk about how much there is to do and how many places there are to explore in Guild Wars 2, the first confirmed level 80 character goes to *drum roll* a crafter! That's right: Surfeuz, a member of the French guild War Legend, has hit the level cap by simply crafting with guild-donated materials.

Reaching max-level, however, doesn't give Surfeuze an instant win button; he still needs to earn reputation points to purchase items and missing achievements. Also, since maps scale to a player's level, if Surfeuze decides to go out and experience other parts of the game, he won't be able to tear through the content as a level 80. Nonetheless, his accomplishment before the game even officially launches is still quite the achievement.

[MMO Culture's site is currently down]

[Update: ArenaNet's Mike O'Brien spoke on Reddit to say that this person's level 80 achievement was done by "unusual ways to level very fast" and that the team is "fixing these issues as [he] type[s]."]

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