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Fruit Ninja Kinect DLC revisits gaming history


While many people think Fruit Ninja is a recent phenomenon, it actually debuted in arcades way back in the late 1980s. Developer Halfbrick has announced a new batch of DLC for Fruit Ninja Kinect to give users a chance to look back on Fruit Ninja's heyday. The "8-bit Cartridge" DLC effectively restores the original Fruit Ninja visuals and chiptune music that anyone over 25 will remember from the smoke-filled game halls of their youth.

It's worth noting that the DLC appears to be based on the home console version of the original Fruit Ninja. It's unfortunate, though understandable, as any game historian knows that all original Fruit Ninja arcade cabinets have either been destroyed or reside in the hands of private collectors. Presumably, Halfbrick was unable to obtain the original code.

The DLC will be released this Friday on Xbox Live for $2.*

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*Almost none of the preceding text is true, specifically the parts dealing with the origin of Fruit Ninja. We suggest you pull the same prank on your Fruit-Ninja-obsessed children, nieces or nephews. They'll totally believe you!

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Halfbrick announces 8-Bit Cartridge DLC for Fruit Ninja KinectTM

Retro style meets modern gameplay, debuting at PAX Prime

Brisbane, Australia – August 28th, 2012 – To celebrate the golden age of gaming and add even more content to Fruit Ninja Kinect™, Halfbrick has announced the imminent release of the 8-Bit Cartridge DLC for the XBLA favorite. With a funky chiptunes soundtrack and gigantic pixels everywhere, the classic style of retro games comes alive in the modern motion-controlled masterpiece!

The DLC features the Super Retro Land background, Game Man shadow and Pixel Love blade – not to mention a complete graphical overhaul as Sensei and his beloved fruit receive a serious downgrade. Releasing this Friday, August 31st for 160 Microsoft Points, the 8-Bit Cartridge pack is the first of many more DLC packs planned for Fruit Ninja Kinect™ throughout the remainder of 2012.

As long-time exhibitors and supporters of the Penny Arcade Expo, Halfbrick staff will be on hand this week at PAX Prime in Seattle (Booth 6115) to demo the 8-Bit Cartridge. The fun doesn't stop there – Halfbrick is giving away free download codes for the DLC to each and every person who visits*!

Since its initial release as part of the 2011 Summer of Arcade , Fruit Ninja Kinect™ has been downloaded over 1.5 million times, cementing its place as one of the most popular XBLA games of all time.

To check out the debut trailer for the 8-Bit Cartridge, head to Halfbrick's official Youtube page:

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