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Indie Royale gets away with a new six-game bundle


The latest from proprietors of indie game bundling Indie Royale have a new set of games for you to consider – six in total – which can be downloaded either through Steam or Desura. Headlining the Getaway Bundle is Futuremark Games' Shattered Horizon, a zero-gravity multiplayer shooter for up to 32 players who wage war on the moon.

Then there's Analogue: A Hate Story, which is described as a "dark visual novel mystery based on Korean history, featuring transhumanism, traditional marriage, loneliness, and cosplay," and Da New Guys, a retro adventure game from Wadjet Eye Games that follows a trio of wrestlers who've emigrated to America from across the pond and the crazy hijinks that ensue thereafter. Da New Guys also includes da official soundtrack.

The last three games include: Indie Royale exclusive (and Seattle Indies Expo participant) Super Amazing Wagon Adventure, a 2D retro action game spoof of Oregon Trail; arcade shmup-type thing Waves from developer SquidInABox; and, finally, 8-bit dungeon crawler MiniFlake.

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