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Knight Age open beta launches today

The long-awaited event is upon us! People have been looking forward to this day for so long, and all that waiting will now pay off: Knight Age enters open beta testing today!

Players entering the OBT will be able to keep their characters, levels, items, and all that jazz for launch, so your efforts won't be wasted. Unlock mounts -- including a new special duck mount -- and strike fear into the hearts of your foes as you charge into battle. Raise pets from tiny pupae into lean, mean, fighting machines. Experiment by fusing two pupae to create a new pet that combines the strengths of both parents. Engage in large-scale PvP battles to fight for the glory of wielding Excalibur, or fight in mounted battles against other guilds. Seize the day.

Visit Knight Age's official site to sign up and hit up the game's Facebook page to get in the know.

[Source: Joymax press release]

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