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Last Week in WoW: Patching up pandas edition


Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. As I'm sure you've heard, the big news of the week is patch 5.0.4. It's dropping today, and with it come most of the major mechanical changes of the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Not sure what's happening? We have our own rundown of what to expect with the patch, and Blizzard has a patch 5.0.4 survival guide of their own.

In addition, you'll want to read on, because we have plenty of class- and feature-specific guides to help you get a handle on what's changed, and we'll posting more of them over the rest of the day today. Downtime today begins at 3 a.m. PDT and is expected to last for at least eight hours as of this writing, so you should have plenty of time to catch up. Read on for more patch 5.0.4 advice and news.

Hot news and features

Class news and guidesDungeons, items, professions, PvP, and more
  • Addon Spotlight lists some addons that are working for patch 5.0.4.
  • El's Anglin' has a guide to becoming a realm-first Zen Master Angler in Mists of Pandaria.
  • WoW Archivist looks back at some of the most egregious raid exploits of yesteryear.
  • Rossi argues that it's not Blizzard's responsibility to keep raiders from burning themselves out on the raid finder in pursuit of stop-gap gear.
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