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Puzzlejuice desktop debuting at PAX, coming to Steam Greenlight


Puzzlejuice is coming to PAX in a keyboard-only desktop version, which creator Asher Vollmer told us he plans to submit to Steam Greenlight soon. The iOS puzzle game is one of a select group to be spotlighted at this year's PAX.

We featured Puzzlejuice in our Portabliss column earlier this year, in which JC noted the game's fiddly touchscreen controls. Yet he found the bizarre mixture of Tetris, Boggle, and Match-3 so "irresistible" that he still heartily recommended it. If you're at PAX, you can find out if a keyboard helps resolve those control issues.

Meanwhile, Vollmer is celebrating Puzzlejuice's featured billing by releasing an updated version, which includes an 'impossible' difficulty mode and a new power-up. The game will also go on sale for $0.99. Vollmer also has other news to celebrate, as earlier this month he started work at thatgamecompany as their 'feel engineer.' Whatever that means.

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