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Benjamin Rivers' 'Home' coming to Steam this Friday, only on Steam from then on

Jordan Mallory

Atmospheric pixel-art horror indie Home will be available on Steam starting this Friday, August 31, and will subsequently no longer be available directly from developer Benjamin Rivers, as was previously the case.

Home's $2.00 price tag will be bumped up to $2.99, but it will also now include a PDF manual similar to the real-life manual included with the Old-School Collector's Edition, with the possibility of this new digital version containing "something extra." Additionally, anyone who purchased the Old-School Collector's Edition will receive a free voucher for the Steam version of the game.

Players who purchased the non-Collector's Edition of Home can expect "updates and support for their purchase in parity with the Steam release (now and in the future)," according to Rivers.

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The unique, DIY horror game that launched this summer to great reviews and a truly engaged player base is coming to Steam for Windows on Friday, August 31st (this week!). As of this day, the game will be sold exclusively through Steam.

Steam Release Details:

the same critically-acclaimed game enjoyed by thousands of players so far

Windows, $2.99 – get it for 15% off for the first week!

includes a PDF manual akin to the physical book that was included in the Old-School Collector's Edition. Although this one might contain something a little extra...
players who bought the Old-School Collector's Edition back in June will receive a free Steam key so they can migrate their game

all other customers (and seriously, we appreciate every one of them) will continue to receive updates and support for their purchase in parity with the Steam release (now and in the future)

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