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    Daily iPhone App: One Epic Knight keeps a Tiny Hero running


    David Whatley has been making games on the App Store for a while now -- after an early hit with GeoDefense, he and his team released an antihero tower defense title called Tiny Heroes, and now they are taking on the Temple Run-style 3D endless runner genre with a recent game called One Epic Knight. One Epic Knight takes one of the Tiny Heroes and places him in an endless dungeon, running past obstacles, jumping over and sliding under gaps and challenges, and killing bad guys to collect as many coins as possible. You could argue that this is a pretty straightforward Temple Run ripoff, but Whatley has worked with Temple Run's developer Imangi in the past (his Critical Thought Games put together the Android port for the title), so really this is more of an "inspired by" title than what you might call "stolen from."

    And it does innovate on the genre a little bit: You can pick up weapons and shields as you run, and those items are then used to either attack or defend your knight as you play. The coins you pick up can be used to buy upgrades and spells, or even cosmetic costumes for your knight as he runs.

    Honestly, it's all fairly tame -- if you like Temple Run, you'll know how to play this, and if you think the endless runner genre is boring already, there's not a lot here to convince you otherwise. But the graphics are well done, the gameplay is solid, and oh yeah -- the app is free to download. At that price, it's worth a download and a play through to see what you think.

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