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Dragon Soul's Power of the Aspects rises to 35% with patch 5.0.4

Anne Stickney

Just in case you haven't had the delight of murdering Deathwing in person, the Power of the Aspects buff has increased another 5% to reach 35% with the release of patch 5.0.4. Note that this is not a buff to players; rather, it reduces the damage done and the health pools of enemies in the Dragon Soul raid. If the datamined information is correct, this is the maximum that the Power of the Aspects buff can reach, and we will not see another increase before Mists of Pandaria is released.

As always, if your guild would rather not raid with the buff active, you can simply disable the Power of the Aspects by speaking to Lord Afrasastrasz at the beginning of the raid.

Enjoy the buff -- and if you haven't punched Deathwing in the face by now, I'd recommend doing so. I heard he's got a glass jaw at this point!

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