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Adobe pushes TV Everywhere forward with Adobe Pass 2.0, promises easier logins on more devices


No matter what's going on with Flash, Adobe is still pushing other technologies, and one of them is the one that powered NBC's Olympics apps this summer, Adobe Pass. The company counted more than 88 million authenticated streams during the games, and its tech is behind apps for other networks like ESPN and Cartoon Network. Now it says it can make things better for cable companies and their customers to get viewing on mobiles with Adobe Pass 2.0, which includes technology like automatic authentication, which was tested on Comcast and Cablevision customers during he Olympics. We tried it then and it couldn't have been easier, logging in while connected to your home network flips the switch based on IP address or MAC address, and then it worked at home or on the go, no password necessary.

Another feature rolling out is "Free Preview" which lets viewers watch before they're finished logging in, while a Server Side API on the way should open up access to more apps on more devices. We're not sure if that's enough to stem the tide of cable cutting, but if it means more and easier to use viewing even when we're not in front of the HDTV, then we're for it. This is all a part of Adobe's "Project Primetime" which it expects to roll out in full across iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS and other platforms later this year, check the blog post linked below and video after the break for more details.

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