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Kid's Corner uncovered for Windows Phone 8: a customizable, simplified launcher for rug rats

Zachary Lutz

So, if you don't want your child messing up your smartphone, you can always snag a Mugtuk in hopes of scaring the crap out of them, but before you start inflicting emotional scars -- and racking up psychologist bills -- take a look at what the folks at Microsoft are cooking up for Windows Phone 8, because it seems much more sane. Known as Kid's Corner, the app is a separate launcher that parents may fully customize. Not only can you include or exclude individual apps or games, but also music and video selections. Parents can find Kid's Corner by swiping left from within the lock screen, though it'll also be remarkably easy to exit -- a child merely needs to press the power button. With this in mind, it seems that a lock screen password will be in order. According to The Verge, we can expect this feature to be available on all Windows Phone 8 handsets.

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