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Motorola RAZR HD global edition hits FCC with LTE included

Brad Molen

The global edition of the still-unannounced Motorola Droid RAZR HD, also known as the XT925, was just seen getting FCC approval. This likely won't come as a shocker to many, since this device (alongside its Verizon counterpart) has been the victim of numerous leaks. What we did find as a little surprise, however, was the inclusion of LTE radios, specifically in bands 4 (AWS) and 17 (700MHz). Of course, we're not expecting to see AT&T (the US carrier that utilizes both bands) pick this particular device up -- especially since it recently launched the similarly specced Atrix HD -- but it'll be great for importers. The presence of AWS LTE indicates we'll likely be seeing the XT925 flourish in Canada, and the 2G / 3G bands will certainly make it a prime candidate for sales in other markets around the world. Head to the source link to take a look at the docs, and the More Coverage section to view the XT925's User Agent Profile. We're still expecting to see Verizon's variant (the XT926) on September 5th, though we'll likely see the global version pop up pretty soon afterward.

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