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No More Heroes: World Ranker arrives on Android in Japan


No More Heroes: World Ranker was released on Android in Japan today, and is due on iOS soon. World Ranker, which Grasshopper CEO Suda 51 introduced last year as "the social game with the most blood," features touchscreen controls and multiplayer options.

Aside from that, World Ranker apparently doesn't veer far from the original game's blueprints. You play an assassin, you kill other assassins, you climb the assassin ranks - you know the drill. The promotional artwork above suggests the game sees some of No More Heroes' bosses reappear.

When Suda 51 announced World Ranker, he made clear he wanted it to be successful enough in Japan to warrant a worldwide release. Whether or not we'll see the game on Western smartphones likely depends on its performance during the next few months.

Check after the break for some screenshots.

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