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PayPal updates Android app with revamped UI, better account management


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PayPal's been keeping itself quite occupied in the most recent months, with its newfangled Discover partnership and acquisition being at the forefront of it all. Today, however, it's something aimed at the Android crowd: the Google-approved application's hit a novel numerical version. So, what's new exactly? Most notably, there's a complete user interface facelift, which, according to PayPal, vastly improves the overall design and navigation within the app -- not to mention, it's taken on darker-colored theme. In addition to the fresh UI, the eBay-owned service now makes it easier to scan payment cards while on the go, as well as giving users an improved overview of their available, pending and total balance. Now, if only this took care of all those famed frozen account woes, we'd be all set.

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