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Smartype puts screen in your keyboard so you can see and type while you type and see


Marrying a keyboard and an LCD is not exactly revolutionary any more. Art Lebedev has been doing it since at least 2008. But those devices have always been aimed at power users and gamers, not your average Joe. Smartype, from KeyView, doesn't display custom buttons for World of Warcraft of alter the fonts you see for languages that don't use the Latin alphabet. Instead, its primary purpose is to display exactly what you're typing. The screen along the top of the tiny deck allows users that aren't proficient touch typers to see what they're pecking out, without looking back and forth between the keyboard and their monitor. There are also a handful of apps that pop up notifications for email or display the current weather. The goal is to bring the interactive app revolution that has made our phones "smart" to the rather staid world of the keyboard. For now the Smartype is only available in Israel, but the company is working on international availability. For more, check out the video after the break.

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