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You've gotta catch 'em all in Zynga's Montopia


Zynga has now launched its "monster battle RPG," Montopia, in the Canadian iTunes store. The app is also available in English via Google Play, though apparently it's still not available to US Android users. Given the game's arrival in Canada, it probably won't be too long before it hits the rest of North America as well. The game originally launched in Japan this past February.

Montopia casts players in the role of a "monster trainer" as they venture through the countryside, collect monsters (over 400 of them) from treasure chests and send them into battle. Monsters each have an elemental affinity – fire, water, wood – and can be fused together to increase their stats and also to breed new monsters. As notes, both health points and energy are used to "limit a single gameplay session," in traditional Zynga style. In-game cash is also available for purchase with real cash.

Maybe it's getting redundant to say this about Zynga games, but we'd be remiss in our duties if we didn't mention that Montopia looks just a little familiar. Check out a trailer from the game's Japanese release above.

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