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Enter to win a Tesla iPhone charger and consider backing the documentary about Nikola Tesla


This summer I watched with amazement as Matthew Inman (creator of the hilarious web comic The Oatmeal) raised awareness about Nikola Tesla, one of my heroes. In fact, in film school I wrote a little spec script for Tesla -- a man who saw his inventions fully formed in his head, working as visions in his mind, not unlike how Mozart would create music in his mind before writing it down. He even had a ready-made nemesis in Thomas Edison, a guy typically revered in US history.

Tesla was a true genius, and now there's a Kickstarter project to fund a film called Electricity about the man and set the record straight about his triumphs and struggles.

For you lucky TUAW readers, you can enter to win a Tesla solar iPhone charger case, normally available at the $95 pledge level. Of course, I encourage you to contribute to the project as well. Anyone using alternating current today owes Tesla a debt of gratitude for this gift, among many, which he left to humanity.

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