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Latest Halo 4 'Forward Unto Dawn' episode waxes philosophical about cryo-sleep

Jordan Mallory

If we've taken anything away from the latest Halo 4 "Forward Unto Dawn" short above, its that being an enlistee at Corbulo Academy means two things. First, students are apparently locked into their rooms at lights out like some kind of military prison barracks, and secondly, cryo-sleep is both commonplace and, apparently, terrifying.

Most sleepers report having strange dreams during cryo, but not the blonde in today's short. "For me, it's like dying," she says, "and then waking up again. Sweet dreams." At that moment, Master Chief and a human version of Cortana (given life and physical form by 282 Reality Circuit) burst through the ceiling and tell our young heroes that they're needed, and time is short.

... Okay maybe we made up that last part, but wouldn't that have been awesome?

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