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LG E970 Eclipse for AT&T cruises through FCC approval

Brad Molen

The Eclipse, LG's rumored "superphone" heading to AT&T, has just made it through the FCC approval process and is one step closer to seeing availability in time for the holiday season. Known also as the E970, the device unsurprisingly offers the usual AT&T LTE radios (band 4 and 17) but much like we've seen in other FCC applications recently, it also tacks on an additional two next-gen radios (bands 2 and 5), likely to get ready for an impending spectrum refarm attempt. From the docs we also learn that the Eclipse will have NFC along with the expected HSPA+ / UMTS / EDGE connectivity. As a recap, the device is rumored to offer a quad-core Krait APQ8064 and a 4.67-inch display with 1,280 x 768 resolution. So it looks like this particular handset is still on course for a Halloween launch, and we'll keep our eyes peeled for additional information.

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