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'Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII' headed to 360/PS3 in 2013


The "new direction" Square Enix is taking the story of Lightning is ... almost the same direction as before. As in, it's another sequel to Final Fantasy XIII. "Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII" was unveiled at tonight's Final Fantasy 25th anniversary events.

According to the game's Japanese website, Motomu Toriyama is heading up the third game in the Final Fantasy XIII series (yes, we seriously just wrote that) – a game that's said to end Lightning's story. A video was shown during tonight's event that we're expecting to see pop up any time now, but we've got a concept art gallery below for you to check out in the meantime.

Update: Andriasang's liveblog of the Japanese event shares a variety of details on the upcoming game, including Lightning's customizable gear (said to be many and varied), the setting ("Navus Partus"), and more. Check it out!

Gallery: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (concept art) | 3 Photos

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