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MechWarrior Online shows off the Catapault

Eliot Lefebvre

Picture this scene: You log into MechWarrior Online and you're in the most beautiful map. You don't even want to fight, just enjoy the world around you. Birds are singing, the sun is shining, and there are more than two dozen missiles screaming through the air directly into your 'Mech's head. As your machine detonates, you'll know that you just got served an express load of missiles by the Catapault, a heavy 'Mech designed solely for delivering missiles at long range.

Even at 65 tons, the Catapault packs on only 10 tons of armor. That's to conserve weight for its powerful jump jets and twin LRM-15 launchers. If you're not quite down on the game slang, that means this beast of a machine can jump and then unload long-range missiles on targets all across the map at will. Want to see it in action? Click on past the break to view the preview trailer.

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