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The Queue: Patch 6.0.4 predictions


Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Adam Holisky (@adamholisky) will be your host today.

Man, you all like to talk about patches a lot.

You know what I like? Pie. Lemon pie.

Anyway ...

Numerous people asked:

What's going to be in patch 6.0.4?

It's pretty damn hard to predict what's going to happen a year and a half to two years from now, but I do think we can come up with some general things.

First, given the news today of the progress in new models (or at least the attempted progress), I would hope that if Blizzard sees success in this area, we might see the full implementation of the models by then.

Second, while I suspect that the current talent system will be successful, I'm sure that there'll need to be a couple of structural changes to it in one way or another to appease and/or fulfill the design goals. Prehaps it'll be as simple as adding another line or two to the trees, or perhaps it'll be more complicated such as making some talents require prereqs.

Finally, I believe at that point, we'll experience the great crunch, and health pools as well as damage input/output will be significantly reduced.

Xintas asked:

So I have X mounts. If I "donate" a character from my account to another, does that other account get all the mounts that I have on my account?

Nope, because the individual WoW licenses are all tied together under a single account, and those license all the mounts, so there's no need to donate a character.

Llyander asked:

Regarding the account wide mounts, you commented up there that it applies to multiple licences on the same account... Does that include cross-geo? My EU and US characters have a variety of mounts/pets/achievements between them and it'd be nice if I could get them all synched up!

Nope, because the EU and US are considered entirely separate accounts. They might as well be completely different games, as far as accounts are concerned. There is absolutely no way to transfer any information between them.

Coixvillian asked:

IS the Dark Portal that we help save in the CoT the same one that we went through in the Burning Crusade?

Yup! The very same dark portal -- just in the past, in the CoT version.

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