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Breakfast Topic: Tell me about your WoW deaths


I was reading an anthropological study of WoW today while waiting for an appointment, and in said study, the author was talking about her data gathered on WoW deaths. I thought this was a great subject matter. Death is something that is always going to come our way eventually in WoW. Even if we're going all-out in the Ironman Challenge, we can't escape its grasp forever.

So tell me about your deaths! Have your memorable deaths been related to moments of extreme noobiness? Have you ever sacrificed yourself for the good of others? What deaths have stuck in your mind? Have you had any deaths that could be in the running for the WoW equivalent of the Darwin awards?

My memorable deaths? Well, there's one I really recall was from my very, very early days as a human paladin. I was in Elwynn Forest mining some copper or something, as you do, when I spied a group of very large, bull-like players marching toward Stormwind. The guards that spawn outside Stormwind did their spawning thing, and these players engaged them. Then I realized that these were Horde! These were the enemy! So I dutifully hopped on my charger and rode over to fight the good fight for Stormwind. I zoomed over and hit the nearest one, at which point he spun round and one-shotted me.

I was so confused. I wasn't one-shotted by the other mobs I killed. What had just happened?! With hindsight, it was fortunate they didn't stick around; one death could have turned into many deaths. Of course, my guildmates acquainted me with the concept of levels far above my baby paladin, and all was clarified. I'm still an ardent defender of Stormwind's gates, just picking on people my own size now!

Tell me all about your deaths. Did you ever have to corpse your way across a too-high zone? Drown to get somewhere? Fall off a city's walls? Give your life for the good of your raid? As a shaman with reincarnation, I've done that more than once ...

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