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Rooster Teeth Expo 2013 bites Austin July 5 - 7

Jordan Mallory

Rooster Teeth, the production company behind Red vs. Blue and a slew of other video adventures, has announced the dates for its third annual Rooster Teeth Expo, or RTX. The event will be held at the Austin Convention Center (which also happens to house GDC: Online every year) from Friday, July 5 through Sunday, July 7.

RTX 2012 drew a crowd of 4,000 people with a diverse programming schedule that included as many Halo 4 announcements as it did YouTube panels featuring Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen fame, making it a bit less orthodox than the typical gaming convention. Considering that RTX 2013 expands the event from two days to three, Rooster Teeth must believe its formula is working.

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