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BMW and Thermaltake made this weird-lookin' gaming mouse (just look at it!)

Jordan Mallory

Gaming mice aren't normally our jam here on Joystiq, but we'll make exceptions when something really interesting comes along. Take, for instance, the new 'Level 10' mouse from Thermaltake and ... BMW? That can't be right, hold on.

Nope, it's BMW. Anyway, the mouse has five programmable buttons and a "Z-key" that lets the user swap through pre-programmed button configurations while playing. Additionally, the laser resolution can be adjusted from a default of 5,000 DPI up to 8,200. While not explicitly stated, we're assuming that BMW's designers are responsible for the brushed aluminum chassis and the top section's adjustable height/angle design.

Surprisingly, the Level 10 doesn't cost eight times more than it should (like everything else with a BMW badge) and is available now at the peripheral retailer of your choice for a smooth $100.

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