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Indie Fund breaks its own rules to finance ports of The Splatters


Indie Fund generally doesn't invest in ports. If a game doesn't succeed on its first platform, then there's no motivation for Indie Fund to back more iterations of it – it says such a tactic "may not be a wise investment." However, Indie Fund makes an exception for SpikySnail's XBLA game The Splatters, and is looking to bring it to PC, Mac and Linux.

"SpikySnail aren't just making a port," Indie Fund says. "They've learned from their design and believe they can improve it. They want to release a better game on a different platform."

The Splatters sales on XBLA didn't generate enough revenue for SpikySnail to be self-sustaining and Indie Fund wants to help make that happen.

SpikySnail intrigues Indie Fund because the team has a low overhead and is focused on design. Indie Fund believes "focus on design isn't just an aesthetic preference, but an important factor in creating a financially successful game." If The Splatters does well with a design overhaul, Indie Fund's philosophy will be supported.

Read SpikySnail's take on the investment on its blog.

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